SMP8 Project

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Qkazooo, Jun 6, 2015.

  1. I feel like SMP8 needs something cool like a town or a city out in frontier. all the other Smp's have something cool about them but then theres just 8. I know everyone thinks of them as the weird smp but i feel like we need something else too.
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  2. There are, but a lot are private :p

    There was one right outside the frontier spawn built by Schlaf82 and Casper8472 but it was griefed. A portion of it still stands, such as the cathedral that smp8 gets married in :3
  3. I always see lots of outposts(on the forums) that were going to be established on smp8. There's none?
  4. Im in, you know that, let me know what resource to start gathering!!
  5. I guess theres alot of ruins but theres none that still stand and work today, it would be fun to have a community out there. like when we had to east village in the waste
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  6. There are towns/cities out there that are still worked on to this day and not just abandoned. They are just private and not spoke about often xD