SMP8 Minibosses

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  1. I wanted to open this discussion up for any players who play on SMP8 out in the Wastelands or Frontier. When was the last time you saw a Miniboss? Marlix or Momentus?

    because I haven't seen one since 1.8 came out. Probably at least 6 months ago since the last time I saw a Momentus and 3 or so months since the last Marlix.

    A few of us were discussing this, just wondering if anyone is seeing them and we're just unlucky or what.
  2. Though I frequent Smp8, I spend most of my wilderness time on Smp3, wherein the last month and a half I, with BrenJone, have enountered about 7-8 minibosses. There were two Momentuses and the remaining were Marlixes.
  3. So my understanding is that one miniboss spawns per hour, correct? Is that one per hour in each world, the Wastelands and Frontier and thus two per hour on the server? and they can stack up so if no one kills the one that is there then when the next one spawns there would be two?
  4. That has since been changed (today) but it was one miniboss per hour per server. The ones I mentioned were very close to one another.
  5. I've seen about 40 on smp5 in my time on emc. I found a pretty efficient way to find them.
  6. So how does it work today since it was changed?

    Care to share?
  7. The last time I saw a Naturally Spawned Miniboss was sometime in Late April/Early May
  8. And you wonder why others don't want to share things with you :rolleyes:
  9. My comment was childish
  10. I have two accounts, a main and an alt. I take them out and put them in a base, the more players the bigger the chance of them spawning in.
  11. I have almost always been in the wild with groups of people doing builds out on smp8. Nada. Which has worked out, since we've been able to get a lot built. Haven't seen either boss in months though. Go figure. And Momentus used to sometimes spawn (3x that I recall) out by one spot we're near.
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  12. Notice how no one who has actually found them is mentioning they found them on smp8, which is the entire point of the thread. Haven't heard of one since the beginning of the year.
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  13. They do spawn on smp8, as they have been at a friends wild base (a few marlixes spawned in a week when the update was introduced but haven't heard since).

    Smp8 has a very active wilderness, and so the spawn rates are very low if you are alone out there. I don't spend much time in the wild anymore, just help friends usually so I cant really talk from personal experience -just what a few friends have said.
  14. just run around and wait to hear the message in chat xD thats what i normally just do :p lel
  15. Yeah, I found a couple just wandering around. I seem to have a hotspot for momentus at my outpost, and a hotspot for marlix at my nether base overworld area.
  16. Just wanted to point out the fact that during the ddos everyone in the wild (on smp8) was together for hours and no spawns.
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