SMP8 Main Wild End Island and Dragon Slaying Arena

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  1. I've been hit up already with questions regarding "can I build X out at the main end island next to the arena?". I'm not sure who died and left me in charge, but I intend to kill them again when I find out ;)
    These are my ideas after getting these questions. I've hopefully done a decent and fair job outlining what we're all trying to accomplish with this resource. If I've overlooked something important, please let me know.
    I'm going to start with the assumption we all agree that having a fun great place to kill ender dragons is the main purpose of this shared community area. With that in mind, here are the things you should think about in order to KEEP this a fun place for killing ender dragons. Feel free to comment and add thoughts to this list of what I hope would be mostly common sense with a few specialized pieces of EMC/minecraft knowledge.
    • Please stop mining the main wild end island. There is an entire Waste End to mine from. On SMP8, we even made sure there was a path to it from waste c (it heads west and a little south and has signs). We only get 1 main end island. It will never reset. What you take from here is gone forever. You can get DCs of end stone from the waste, and no one likes falling in the access holes people leave randomly scattered on the ground, or worse, into the void.
    • Do not block the beacons. Just stay the heck away from those period. One thing we found while testing out there was that building directly under the main end portal area (marked on top by obsidian square) can cause glitching issues with the dragon. Glitchy dragon SUCK to kill. They don't land, and they dive underground. So if you decide you are a dwarf and want to build underground, stay out of that zone all the way down please.
    • Please keep your builds outside the inner archer ring. Anything under, over, or inside of it could hinder dragon fighting/shooting. (This does not apply to underground builds, but if we find the dragon starts glitching again... You try to kill a dragon that likes to stay dived underneath the ground :p)
    • Please do not block access to the outer end portal ring. Putting your house right in front of the stairs and blocking them or obscuring them from view = bad idea. There's plenty of room underground, up in the air, extending the island into the void, etc. Apply common courtesy and sense please. Same goes for blocking/obscuring someone else's build. Talk to them before you start if you think it might be an issue (see below request to put your name on your build).
    • If there is one thing that happens with EVERY public build, we will someday run out of locked chest space in the main building you go through at the entrance. With that in mind, please don't build right up next to it, or over/under it. That will need room for future expansion once it fills up.
    • No lag please. Anything laggy, please, build it elsewhere. Your 100+ cow farm does NOT need to be on the main end island. Anything that causes a lot of lag - hoppers, redstone, animals, item frames, etc - should not go on the main end island. Some people's computers can barely handle fighting the dragon as is. Let's not make it any worse for them.
    • Using dirt or other blocks enderman can "steal" is a bad idea. We actually made this mistake ourselves already in the gardens. Endies are swiping the grass out from under the flowers. See? We do dumb things too sometimes LOL.
    • Make sure whatever you're building is safe. You are building in a public community area. Your player TNT cannon is not a good idea at this location. Neither is a piston elevator that will crush someone to death with the first glitch, lag, or griefing of its redstone.
    • If you choose to build something out on the main end island, please do the rest of us the courtesy of leaving your name or the names of the owners/builders on it. For example, SuperKattHD has a little house out there. Her name is beside the front door. If SuperKattHD's house is ever griefed, we have a way to contact her. If she's gone derelict on EMC, we know that we can repair it, tear it down, or let someone else take it over. Community area folks. I know this is a controversial idea, but if you're not going to maintain your build out there, someone has to do it for you while we wait for some type of grief protection. What I would recommend in this area are builds where you think "belongs to everyone on smp8, not just me".
    So with ALL that in mind, if you desperately want to build something out on the SMP8 main wild end island, I wish you the best. People are going to have differences of opinions building out there. Try to keep that in mind, and keep things courteous. There's always plenty of other places to put your build on EMC.
  2. Bump! The Dragon Slaying event tonight was a lot of fun, thank you everyone who attended, and thank you Dice and Willikers for hosting!
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