[SMP8] Lacronton's Test World: Golems~In~A~Barrel

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  1. Its not often I get truly inspired to craft something, nor to show off a build from my Test World. Thanks to a build-scheming chat with ChrisFlareon I came up with this design.

    As the pic states, this takes farmin for Iron to a more interactive level and at the same time gives access to golem head collecting, if that exists that is.

    While the initial spawning of the golems and its location underwater borrows heavily from Public Utilities' Fe(II), GIAB is still its own beast. Fed by two spawning towers, GIAB's killfloor can fill up fairly quickly.

    Using just a bow one can drop these metal titans in but afew shots while safe behind a stone wall.

    Those with high-end enchanted bows will find this to be like, shooting fish in a barrel. :D

    The killfloor itself is constructed of slab-covered hoppers that feed into a collection point at the foot of the entrance stairwell.

    Back behind the killfloor are GIAB's amenities.

    Lockers for those unwilling to carry their loot home.

    Gentlemen ready to take that heavy iron off your hands.

    A Farm filled with edible crops. (Remember to Replant)

    Furnaces and Crafting Tables for all your preparation needs.

    Depending on how well received this concept is will determine whether or not it is constructed and added to SMP8's Public Utilities list.

    Once more I thank ChrisFlareon for the ideas he gave me while discussing this project and bid the rest of you a good day.
  2. Awesome! I just finally saw this :D I'm in game atm. Will comment further later on. Thanks!
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  3. I like it. Could there be an added door to the barrel room in order to use a sword instead of a bow?
  4. the idea is to protect the player from the golems and there's no other way for me to do so.
  5. This is pretty cool :D
  6. If it is built I have a feeling someone Will steal those villagers...