SMP8 End Portal

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  1. I have been trying to get to the End on smp8 but it seems that Eye of Enders don't work so I'm willing to pay for the actual location of any of the End Portals on smp8. Thanks
  2. I couldnt find it on smp6 either. The eye of enders brought me to a random mountain.
  3. Don't quote me on this, but don't the eye of enders only lead you to the stronghold, not directly above the portal? If so, the area was probably mined out of cracked and mossy stone.
  4. I think it leads directly.
  5. it leads you to the portal, just dig straight down it will be there
  6. Well, preferably not entirely straight down ;)
  7. We did, and nothing.
  8. ... ive found it using endereyes, many times on 6 idk what yall are doing wrong
  9. Somehow the enderportals broke. I used to be able to find portals using eyes of enders, but now they lead you to the wrong spot :l. For example, on smp7, I used eye of enders but couldn't find a portal. Then someone told me the correct location of the portal and it was about 1000 blocks away from that spot!
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  10. There are often several strongholds that you could be led to. But I have also had difficulty in the past finding end portals... It is best to get a server resident to show you.
  11. i know where one is by heart :D on 6 atleast
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  12. Could you PM co-ords please? lol
  13. Same lol
  14. eye of enders are permanently broken in the frontier thanks to 1.7. No way to fix them :/

    They will work in the Wastelands though, and Wastelands will take you to the end too.
  15. Could we maybe have the cords to the end on the servers publicly available?
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  16. ^ or even an end portal at town spawn?
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  17. Then the end would get griefed.
  18. True, so instead we should make sure no new players have access to it. Brilliant!
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  19. what if you are in the Frontier in the 1.8 chunks?
  20. Supporters only!