SMP8 Currently Under Maintenance

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  1. Hey,

    We've been made aware SMP7 is down. I've sent Justin some alerts, but know he's in an important meeting tonight, so not sure EXACTLY when he'll be able to get to it. It will be fixed as soon as possible though as soon as he sees it/gets a chance.

    Thanks for your patience.

    Take this time to visit some of the other servers and check out the community's creations. :)
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  2. Wow, They do trip over power cables a lot at that datacenter..
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  3. Oh that makes sense. Lol fail I just made a post about this. XD
  4. One of the negatives of being a popular growing server. We're the guinea pigs for ourselves on what to setup/who to go with for certain services.
  5. Although saying that, Wouldn't SMP8 or 6 go down if SMP7 server crashed? as there both on the same server.
  6. I don't know how to properly answer that as I'm not a techy guy. I do know what you stated was correct, but this for some reason appears to only be affecting SMP7.
  7. Acttually, I tried joining smp9 and it worked, almost... Since I was on smp7 when it crashed, so I couldn't join smp9 because I still am on smp7 indirectly.
  8. Makes me think it's software as opposed to hardware..
  9. XD lol
  10. The server list is still showing SMP7 up and running normally which makes me think it's something to do with traffic forwarding as opposed to a server fault.
  11. Sorry... Sorry.. My bad.. I spilled my bucket of water on smp7.. >,<
  12. XD It's alright, as long as nothing is messed up.
  13. Update: Justin is looking into it now. Has a brief time opening in his meeting, so I'll let you know if we figure it out. :)
  14. Also know as: Meeting suspended until further notice due to an emergency
  15. 8's died.
  16. smp8 is dead!?
  17. I got onto smp7 :D
  18. We've got 7 back, But we've lost 8 :(
  19. Of course not (I hope!)