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  1. Hey all,

    Owning a successful shop on EMC means you have to be competitive, I have always tried to keep low prices, but I can't seem to be able to keep them low enough for customers to "stay loyal" to my shop.

    This promise means that you can reply to this thread with an item that you found cheaper somewhere else and I will try to match and lower the price of this item the next time I am online :).
    You can also reply to this thread with items that are out of stock (and items I don't currently stock) and I will try and restock as fast as I can!

    -You must provide a location for where you found the lower price, and if I can't find it it counts as an invalid request
    -the shops with the lower price must not be in affiliation to you (for example it is your shop an alts shop or a friends shop) this is so you can't lower the price artificially (not that I think you would do that obvs :rolleyes:)
    -Some items might be tricky to restock (for example Shulker Shells or promos) so I can't quickly restock them due to this it can also be tricky to keep them at too low of a price for too long, however I will try my best!

    These rule are to keep this fair for you and me!
    I look forward to see your replies!

    - Guilll

    +endmall (smp7) or /v 14141
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  3. I like your gold prices

    Keep it stocked and I’m a regular.