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  1. I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed but SMP7 has been really quiet the past month or so, maybe everyone just moved to smp8 and smp9. :)
  2. smp7 everyones in the wild at the LLO.
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  3. Not really. When 8 and 9 came out a ton of people went there, there are others who went to other servers and a pretty good number of people banned or just stopped playing
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  4. Yeah I agree its been really quiet.But pig is right lots of people are in the wild.
  5. 7 is pretty much the "Wild Colony server" lol.

    Mainly because 7 was fresh before the reset, so everyone who lived in the wild was able to get like a 2 week head start on rebuilding if we moved to 7, otherwise we had to sit there for another 2 weeks till the reset doing nothing...

    so yeah we all ended up here.
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  6. Speaking of...

    Is there any way we could get some kind of official

    We are going to reset, we are not going to reset, or we are going to think about it post?

    I would be perfectly happy with whatever decision is made, I just want to know. I keep thinking of projects to start then my brain goes.. well if there is going to be a reset maybe I should wait. So I feel like I am doing a lot of "busy work" just waiting to hear.
  7. I can definitely state that there will eventually be a reset.
  8. =p Thanks Mr Smarty Pants.

    I meant a reset soon. IE: this month when the patch is out.
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  9. Well we most def would not reset immediately upon patch...

    there would be a poll and then like a 1-2 week prep time....

    Nothing has been decided yet. When we know more we will let people know.
  10. I hope theirs not a reset.....
  11. I dont really think we even need a reset
    I have noticed recently in the past 2-3 weeks that most if not all of the players on smp7 live in the wild
    I have been to town once in the past month or so and when i was there there were like 8 players in town at 3 in the afternoon.
    I think we chould just wait for Smp 10-11 to come out if we want to get the few new things
    Or just pick LLO up off the map for the reset :p (which would be awesome)
  12. I'm not really trying to start another should we/shouldn't we debate. Just asking if they can let us know.
  13. Wasnt trying to start one either :)
    Just making my opinion (and that of most of LLO ) Known :)
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  14. Yeah, if you hit tab (or whatever key you have bound to list players) and read through everyone online you'll notice that a bunch are LLO/Eternia/Other wild colonies.
  15. There are actually a lot of players on smp7 now. One of them is me of course.
  16. reset all wild exempt smp7
  17. I don't like the wild, it's all broken up and stuff...
  18. Oddly enough I choose smp7 as my solo wilderness server. It bit me in the butt when Killmannan did his diamond give away :(
  19. Killmannan? ive heard of him before, but I don't really know him. Darn rich people and their diamonds...
  20. Geez, don't be so bitter, he gave away 397 diamond blocks FOR FREE. Rich people make good philanthropists.
    And the SMP7 wild is very much alive outside of the PRA. Take the LLO, for example.