smp7 Wilderness Highway

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  1. Hello...
    Miner Co. Constructions has decided to create a Wilderness Highway on smp7. I will be continuing the cobble walkway that someone built just to the north of spawn. I will be extending it in over directions soon. Just let me know if you have a creation or spot in the wilderness that you would like serviced by this highway. My plan is for stage one to go to the Last Light Outpost unless we decide otherwise. If you would like to help build or maintain the highway from the occasional griever just fill out this form. We will pm you if you are successful. Other ways you could help is by visiting 15243 on smp7 and selling to shop(not ready yet) or you could just /rupees pay mba2012 <amount>
    We may bring this project to other servers if it successful on smp7. Please vote for your opinion on having the wilderness highway go to the Last Light Outpost. Link here.
  2. There is something like this in smp4, just that it is all broken and filled with mobs
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  3. Smp6 has loads of highway systems
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  4. Please dont bring it to the last light outpost before us as a community vote thanks
  5. Ok. I was thinking of that I just do not like long treks through the wilderness.
  6. The link to vote on whether the wilderness highway will go to Last Light Outpost has been placed in the original post.
  7. We should make one that goes south on SMP4
  8. As for anything to do with The Last Light Outpost I think this should be brought up with Zulu9 maybe even EVERYONE who has anything to do with the Outpost. We all have been working on this outpost and put our hard work into it. We haven't publicly given info and we have our own way of getting to the outpost already. If there is a public highway leading straight to it this opens up an easier way for griefers to come in and MANY people will be mad that their hard work was ruined.
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  9. The difficulty of getting to the Last Light Outpost has kept it relatively safe so not a great idea to make it easier to get to.

    Anyway, we have everything - no need to go back to town!
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  10. I wouldnt like a highway either :p Enough griefing as it is
  11. I understand the desire to make something epic and useful. Building highways in the cardinal directions from the spawn would be nice. Buildng one to the Last Light Outpost would not be appreciated by the community here.
  12. I agree. My main concern is just making it past the nuke zone safely. Once I'm past that, I'm good. Just putting in a nice solid brige or walkway in the four cardinal directions would be great.

    I've got dirt/cobble bridges I keep maintained were I need them on the servers I use. I also try to keep torches on them to deter mobs spawning, but one person's mob deterent is another person's free torch i guess. I originally expected them to be torn apart for materials, but for the most part, people seem to like linking their own pathways in.
  13. I was worried that grievers would get to the Outpost and so I made the vote. I will make the highway go from to spawn to each of the teleportation outposts. I now have a secret way to get to spawn so I don't need the highway either.