[Smp7] Underground city

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by rman92011, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. I plan on making a full fledged underground city, similar to llo, I need people to help with building it though, if anyone wants to help please reply here.

    The city will be in the wilderness of smp7
  2. i would but the city would get grifted in the wild and i am on smp6.
  3. anyone can join, it doesnt matter what server you are on. Also the town isnt big enough to hold a city
  4. yea but it will get grifted trust me.
  5. Make it a different server. You don't have to but I think your not gonna get much people in smp7 because most are in LLO or stay in town a lot.
  6. thats almost the point, we want to thwart the griefers and make them go somewhere else
  7. Thats the idea of the LLO, Paradise Point, Slime Town. I could go on forever with this.
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  8. Copy cat! lol
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  9. im not trying to copy loo, this i underground, it changes the atmosphere alot
  10. Speaking of llo, what are the coords of it?
  11. i would do smp8.... but wait till the dragon egg res/wild thing comes out. then you wont worry about griefing. also i wanna join :)
  12. The Loo?
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  13. I would join:)
  14. sorry, i meant llo
  15. anyone that would like to join, please pm me so i can keep track