SMP7 - Slime Team!

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  1. heres all you need to know about the slime team, Thanks to Yankees518 and Pandaseatramen for creating this clan. Heres the rules, guidlines, applications, etc.

    Then the slime team is right for you!
    Welcome to The Slime Team. A new clan in the ranks of Empire Minecraft.
    Need a safe place in the wild? Someone to mine with
    The Slime Team is a new wilderness clan, currently recruiting among ranks. We hope to give Minecrafters a safe place to mine and explore the wild.
    Co-Founders: PandasEatRamen and Yankees518
    Server Colony Leaders
    If you wish to become a server colony leader, we will soon have applications ready. These people will be the ones recruiting new members to The Slime Clan. They will manage wild areas, and check in with the founders to report progress.
    In The Slime Clan there are simple and easy rules to follow.
    1. Do not grief structures made by The Slime Team.
    2. Do not abuse trust.
    3. Get a slime skin! or make your own.
    4. Do not be rude to fellow members or players.
    5. Have fun!


    We welcome you to The Slime Team.
    So heres all you need to now about us. Thank you too Yankees518 and pandaseatramen for making this possible. :)
  2. Im not sure whether iv been accepted yet?
  3. Ask Yankees518
  4. Awesome, the more the merrier!
  5. Pig, say that your name MUST be included in application as of now.
  6. I hope i get in
  7. Kk Yankees.
  8. I kinda messed up the prettiness lol...
  9. Fix that...
  10. I will don't worry.
  11. Have I been Accepted yet?
  12. Yankees5118 should soon post a list of the members....
  13. its all fixed, and do you have a list of the Slime team's members?
  14. No. No one who has applied sent me there name.
  15. ugh. Can't you go by their res number? They had to post that on the application.
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  16. Yankees? Can you make a list of the people that made the slime team or not buddy?
  17. Who is online that applied to the slime team?
  18. Okay then, who else?