SMP7??? :O

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  1. Ok so I was curious to see when the last time Justin was online and then I checked JEREMY and I found something juicy!

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  2. This is kind of late...
  3. I don't think it's really a secret, though if it wasn't publicly announced on EMC then why did you announce it? If they were trying to keep it a secret, have the integrity to hold it yourself. :)
  4. I was just spreading the word of my discovery! :)
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  5. LOL no one is surprised, but I like the way you found out! You are a great internet stalker! :)
  6. considering how much I am not on anymore this isn't late to me. I am mainly waiting to see if they will come out with the hardcore survival server. I believe they are still thinking about it.
  7. O and I found out something about GameKribJim :D Muahahahah sadly.. I am not a good stalker in real life :c I do stalk justin sometimes :D
  8. ...stalking the admin's is kind of creepy. Minecraft paparazzi. Now that I know there's one of you behind every bush, hiding from the live map is pointless ^_^
  9. OFF TOPIC! OMG crazy1080 isn't a mod anymore! ;)
  10. Chill out. man. y'all are worse than STAR magazine or the national inquirer. :confused: