SMP7 Lava griefing.

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  1. I've been playing on EmpMC for a few months now and I love this server group. You guys do a great job and run a fine operation here.

    Naturally, we all experience THE GRIEF. Not fun.

    I don't know much about the guts of servers, so excuse my ignorance when posing these questions...

    Is there any way to find out who caused the extensive lava griefing North of the spawn area on SMP7? ...and if so, could a serious penalty be levied?

    I logged on to the live map a few minutes ago and saw the destruction. I can't yet bring myself to log into the game for fear that my character will spawn ON a lava pool. Again, I love this server, as is evidenced by the giant walled area north of spawn on smp7 that I'm trying to build up and make nice, that is now awash in deadly lava. Alas, I shall not be able to safely return until the lava is quenched. Please help, if you can.

    Thank you,
    Philo Van Rood
  2. I'm not sure if there's a way to go back and figure out who did it, however, if you or anyone else has screenshots, they would help greatly.
  3. Annoying griefers! :mad: Looking at live map, it looks like a nice structure. Hope it can be fixed ok.
  4. I just checked the live map after a wonderful 4/20 and a night of karaoke, and to my delight, I see that the lava is gone. I want to give my most sincere thanks to whomever fixed the griefing. This stands as a testament as to how awesome this server group truly is.

    Peace to all.
    Philo Van Rood
  5. was a bunch of us mods (Me max smooch green crazy i believe, sorry If i missed others) who all went and cleaned it up mostly.

    we may of missed a few small spots, but we got the main ones.

    worst part is now theirs cobble everywhere with lava cores on the inside :(
  6. Thanks to all who helped with the repair. Also, 'you're welcome' to SOL_HVNTER for the thanks. I made that wall as a safe haven just outside the wasteland for weary and endangered travelers.

    Alas, our hard work is yet again thwarted by someone who thought it would be cool to blow the crap out of everything, by the evidence most likely using TNT, as I couldn't imagine how tedious it would be to lure creepers up towers, and to the most difficult to repair sections of the arena. I'm so close to giving up on this plot of land, if not for a 500 rupee forfeit of a locked chest, and the logistics to move that stuff. Ugh. Why? WHY??????? /facepalm
  7. Only Diamond Supporters can use TNT and I believe (Though may be wrong) that it is easily traced because of that fact.
  8. Yes, only diamond supporters and staff can use TNT. I know that Justin keeps detailed TNT logs for use in Town but I don't know if he keeps logs for TNT used in the Wilderness
  9. always tried to sit and wonder why people wanna sit a ruin what other people have put alot of time into..either a bunch of childern or someone whos family dont love them =D
  10. Prodigy, I'm wondering that myself. I recently moved my wilderness 'residence' further out from spawn due to the griefing, and whaddayaknow?....some douchebag STILL comes out to take my crops, kill my penned-in animals, and take the f'ing gates to boot. For the most part, still a good server group and a good setup, but the idiotic griefing is really making it hard for me to justify logging on. I don't get a lot of time to play, so when I spend time to make something nice and someone just comes to f*ck it up, I may not be back. No big loss, I know, but it would be nice to be part of a community that doesn't include assholes for once.
  11. I wouldn't be so pissed about the animals if I hadn't spent 100 rupees per egg to put them there for the purpose of breeding. Seriously, doesn't anyone understand the concept of SUSTAINABILITY? If you leave at least two, they make more; kill them all and you only get two. Jesus H., people are retards.
  12. Be careful about this, I'd hate to see someone get forcibly banned because of actions done by another.
    Look, EVERY SINGLE BIG SERVER out there has griefers. We are one of the few places with 30,000 members that actually has wild creations ANYWHERE still intact. Just be glad that your residence is not griefed; and if you don't want your wild creation to be griefed, don't build it. Ultimately, you could just be giving the griefer satisfaction.
  13. I came across your fort while out adventuring as well Philo. I didn't have a sign or the resources to make one as thanks but I had to take shelter from a storm. Sorry people seem to want to grief it. It's just like Havock's bridge. It's there to help and it's so griefed now that part of it is inaccessible and other parts have been built onto it and whatnot.
  14. I take a stack of cobble with me each time I cross it.
  15. Yeah I have stuff as well. Just bites that people want to mess up something that is supposed to be there to help them.
  16. i think lava and flint and steal should be disabled from being placed in the wild, instead of using flint and steal to activate the nether portal we could use some thing like a stick.
  17. I've set fire to an entire jungle biome before (Don't worry folks, it was in a controlled manner just before the reset happened) to quickly gather saplings.

    It's not as effective as you'd think using flint 'n steel. So if it was disabled, people would just throw lava everywhere.
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  18. thats why i said get rid of lava as well in the wild...
  19. xD I tried this once. Took twice as long as it would to just use an axe.
  20. Why would someone destroy such a nice construction?