smp7 lag problems?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by synth_apparition, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. smp7 is really faulty. Which is why i'm thinking of quitting my clan because our leader (AlexHallon) wants to put the clan onto smp7. I logged onto it when it was launched, really laggy and glitchy. I then waited until today to join it again, even more lag than yesterday.

    What I want is this too be fixed. I love the clan I am in, I am co-leader and my best mate from school is in it. I just want to play Minecraft on a nice server, but then the server has to be awkward and change things a salad!

    I have also heard of alot of glitches on smp7. Makes me wonder if it was tested.

    I am not trying to offend the moderators or admins, they are doing a wonderful job. Just the fact that I get 0FPS on smp7 bugs me. Especially on a nice internet connection, 8GB of RAM and an excellent graphics card.

    (Yes I did lower the graphical settings down, didn't do a thing)
  2. Consider:
    • New servers has to load new maps, which means a bunch of stress for the server itself. (main reason of it)
    • Many people are building loads each day (because they are new) and with the new 256 block height, people can make residences twice big, which once again means: More stress *I believe this doesn't happen much at other servers because are from people that joined long ago, and they have already built residences*
    • Server is catching up to plugins, logs, configurations and other backdoors stuff.
    I would get stressed in 1 week, just considering points up here^^