Smp7 lag and crashing like hell

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  1. The title says everything. Plz help us!!!
  2. its not just 7 all the servers seem to be crashing
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  3. We have a problem on SMP9 personally.
  4. Yea all servers are getting this.
  5. What is happening???
  6. is it a DDOS?
  7. Personally,what's annoying,is Estona was in the middle of a grief investigation.
  8. I was in middle of getting my SC of quartz blocks.
  9. The servers are back online!
  10. they are up and down i have crashed like 5 times
  11. I still have strange lag, and crashings.
  12. It is not only the servers,
    I vote like 2 minutes ago and if I do /r in game it will show me more rupees than on the site
  13. Aikar is problely trying to fix it, we just need to wait.

  14. Yea let's hope
  15. Can someone tell me why there was a very starnge lag in the servers?
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