SMP7 Hiccups?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Xinn, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. For a few minutes now SMP7 seems to be hiccuping and a bit laggy. I logged in 3 times and got "internal exception: io.netty.handler.timeout.readTimeoutexception". Also just saw nearly everyone disconnect at the same time.

    So I googled it and found a thread about it meaning there's corrupted chunks and the only fix is a server reboot?
  2. I get that error all the time on SMP4 and SMP6
    It'll freeze my Mc then disconnect me around 6 times u.u
    Pretty annoying
  3. All servers are. SMP2, SMP9, SMP7, every single one. TPS is between 15 and 18 and people are constantly crashing.
  4. Ohh. I haven't been on any of the others, other than briefly on 3 to get something. :/
  5. This seems to also like to happen to some of the players that are in 2222 when it harvests. It disconnected about 3 players at the same time yesterday.
  6. Restarted bungee, it needs a reboot every few days or this kind of lag happens.
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  7. This is the 5 or 7 thread about smp7 lag :D. I want to suicide if I get block lag agin :D.
  8. Thanks Aikar, I didn't see any other threads so I posted after googling to see if it was just me.
  9. PSST, Aikar. It's doing it again >.>

    I just watched it rubber band back and forth from night to dawn and people were frozen but had dirt particles from walking. Also lots of disconnecting and I got the same message as in OP.
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  10. Just happened now. Was fine for the past hour. Around 1:37, the lag is happening again, if it helps.
  11. Did anyone sign in when it started and has now signed out....?

    There has to be some chunk commonly visited thats causing this.
  12. On my spawn res there is always a chunk thats always loaded and never shows its always void.
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  13. I've noticed something like that on every server, but I don't think thats it
  14. Same. Just a square hole. Always in the same area crossing the road and a res next to spawn in a specific direction, go in it and you slowly fall and glitch.
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  15. In my first res there is a very strange lag. I think in some reses that are abandoned are some huge redstone machines. Epic lag from my neighbors.
  16. Today I've just been laggy on 7 but on 5 I got the chunk error disconnect at Mob arena.