SMP7- Free Haven

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  1. Free Haven
    A wild community where everyone is welcomed!
    Located on SMP7
    The pad will be the main way to post upcoming events and news.
    I am in the process of making a site that benefits the whole outpost, but until then, the upcoming events/ ideas will be posted on our pad (look above).
    The elders of Free Haven help govern Free Haven, and are in charge of different areas of the outpost. The current Elders are:
    • Sonicx82903
    If you wish to become an Elder, please PM me stating why you would be a good Elder.

    PM me for the coordinates.
    Current rules/guidelines*:
    1. No Griefing
    2. No Stealing
    3. No making eye-sores (Ex: Flying buildings/pixel artwork)
    4. All roads should be paved by Gravel (If you need some, just PM me)
    5. No being rude
    6. HAVE FUN! :D
    PM me, and I'd be happy to answer them.

    Zerofelero is the co-founder of Free Haven, a wild outpost on SMP7. All decisions regarding the outpost should be directed towards Cchiarell6914 (the founder). Zerofelero has the right to edit this thread (SMP- Free Haven) at any point in time, as many times as he wishes. The Founders and Elders wish to keep Free Haven as nice, and family-orientated as possible. To enforce this, the founders and the Elders of Free Haven have the right to kick out any members breaking the rules.

    *-I hate to make rules for Free Haven, but if I didn't, y'all would quickly figure out that Free Haven would been quickly doomed. Also, all punishments for breaking these rules will be decided by the Elders of Free Haven.
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  4. so on what smp is this on?
  5. Why no air structures?...
    Balloons are cool
  6. SMP7 :D
    That would be fine. Technically its judged on a case-by-case system.
  7. Hey neighbor ;) I guess I will bump for you.. Bump!
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