SMP7 - EMC Arabian Marketplace: Merchants wanted!

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  1. Arabian Marketplace
    SMP7 - 14008


    It is with great pleasure that I announce the Arabian themed marketplace on SMP7 is now open to Merchants looking to have a small, functional and accessible stall to sell goods from.

    Located next to the SMP7 Spawn building and the exit from the Tutorial, the Marketplace is the ideal location for greeting new visitors to EMC with your wares.

    There are eight traditional stalls available with several 'shady dealings' spots also available for those that may only want to sell one item (Diamonds, etc).

    Please feel free to visit the Market and decide which stall you would like.

    Terms and Conditions:

    Stalls are rented on a weekly basis with payment dates confirmed during negotiations

    Monies must be sent promptly each week or you risk losing your stall

    Stall rates vary but most of the larger stalls are 100r per week

    You will access your chest via [access] signs. This makes things a bit messy, but there's no other way around it

    I hope to see you there soon!
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  2. The Market is filling up fast folks! Don't miss out on your chance to have a spot in the ideal location!

    Rates are cheap and all stalls are customisable!
  3. So can i buy my own chest in this shop?
  4. You Rent an entire stall that has numerous chests in it which are then yours to fill with whatever stock you want. :)
  5. Wow great idea kilmannan this is perfect for new players to get themselves off to a good start
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  6. can i claim 1?
  7. Yep, it is a good idea. Should help ensure supply stays up, and gives participant vendors flexibility to choose their wares... will Kill be exercising some authority over what items are sold overall to sort of create variety? My assumption would generally be that ppl will prefer to sell some of the high-profit items which, in this situation, could create a focal point for price competition over hot items... recent examples being ocelots, eggs in general, stuff from the jungle, etc.

    [off] Isn't circle stone (as in picture above) still unobtainable? Mods on SMP2 were telling ppl to destroy it not long ago.
  8. The Merchant that placed the Circle Stone bought it from the EMC shop, so he says. I wasn't aware of a problem with it?

    Yes, I'm regulating what's being sold to ensure no competition amongst Merchants and to allow us to provide as wide a choice as possible.

    We've got an Eggs stand, a Wool stand, a Nether stand, but as of yet no Ores or minerals stand.
  9. Hold a stall for me kilm. This is a fantastic idea and I want in.
    PS. I can see Jake and me's fledgling hotel in the pic :p
  10. Will do Secret. Best hurry though. :)

    New in the Market!

    Only have one thing to sell?

    Get a Stand!

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  11. Can I just place a stand on hold? I can't get on until around 7 EST. When I get on I'll let you know and pay to rent the stall.
  12. Right on :). I haven't checked the Empire Shop [and can't now] so I can't know for sure. Sorry if I threw a flag where it didn't belong though, truly. I know for a fact ppl were being told to destroy the stuff though. Believe it was Aikar who was directing it.

    Really love the idea though. And you set it up fast! I've had a similar idea [with some caveats] for quite a while. It took me longer to get the operation up though.
  13. Wow people are already wanting and saving stands :p
  14. Most of them are full now. There's still a few stands free but only the smaller ones.

    Just a case of the Merchants getting themselves set up now. Quite a few have. I'm very pleased with how it's all going.
  15. I will take a look at it after I get home from a road trip XD
  16. I would like to be a merchant!!!! I sell potions, mob drops, and some eggs
    Is Lot 1 taken?
  17. Hey Kilm can you hold Vendor 1 or if its been taken since a few hours ago hold another one? I'll try to catch you tomorrow sometime
  18. Was saying it before it was in the shop. Justin didn't even tell us he added it =P
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  19. What do we stock at the Arabian Market?

    We have a:

    Nether stand ran by rodoet123456789

    Ores stand ran by Zabriel

    Wool stand ran by Sinka

    Sand stand ran by scottfisk

    Egg stand ran by Greenwell39

    Chicken & misc stand ran by Margaritte

    Wood stand ran by mtp1997

    We still have stalls left to rent at 14008!