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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by A_Dolphin, Mar 23, 2013.

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  1. Can anyone connect to smp7 now? All the other servers work fine for me except that I can't log in them because it thinks I'm still logged into smp7. ??????????????
  2. I cant, and i need levels (smp7 is my spawner server). Grrr
  3. I cant connect to Smp7 either, I crashed while in a portal loading new chunks, I hope I didnt do anything. But I have the same problem
  4. Yeah smp7 just crashed. Don't blame the fireworks at my party :p
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  5. Yes smp7 is currently down. Currently trying to get a hold of the Cow.
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  6. Good to know it isn't just me......
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  7. I just realized something.......

    Cow and Chicken.
    This show scared me
  8. I crashed aswell.
  9. It's working for me now, I think it's fixed
  10. The server couldn't handle the fact i am back in town after so long.
    It crashed because of my awesomeness.
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  11. I crashed too, I made a thread of it hehe, could you delete it Chickeneer? So we dont have 2 threads about the same thing. :confused:
  12. Consider it done
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  13. You could also delete this thread too if you want :p
  14. I will just lock this one
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