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  1. So I have created my company Quartz Industrie and I am building the HQ on smp7 but I have found that all the residences around it are derelict. So I thought, why not make it an active business district. So if you have a business or shop and you want it in a hopefully fairly well known area just join here. If anyone joins I will get a res cleared for you and you can move in.

    So to join this district please fill out the form below. It is subject to change at any time.

    Your In-Game Name(Some people use different accounts):
    Your Business Type(Shop/Company etc.):
    What you will build on the res(Skyscraper, small shop, Mega Mall):
    Other info you want to provide:

    If you want to see the area visit my alt's res /v 15105 on smp7.

  2. So, no one interested?
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