SMP6 "Shopping district"

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  1. I was curious to see if anyone would be interested in creating a "shopping district" on SMP6.

    I'm looking into creating a 3-level "strip" of places people can rent to sell goods, and hopefully create a centerpoint for people to gather and trade. Levels higher than the stores would be available to rent as well for living spaces. Eventually, I'd love to have two street-facing storefronts of multiple levels and residencies above for multiple stories.

    I'm going to start with 6 spaces available, 2 underground, 2 ground level, 2 on 2nd level. If those get filled, I'll expand the area. Plans include scenic walkways and views along the storefronts, along with signage (of course).

    If this sounds interesting and you'd like to see designs/features added to the stores, please list them so I can include them in plans.
  2. I hav always wanted to do something lik this id luv to join ur district
  3. That'd be intersting.:D
  4. Great! I'll post pictures as the building comes along. If you're interested in viewing progress, come on by to the NW corner of 12117.
  5. I would rent one so I can spread my store to the newbies :) what's the price???????
  6. I'm using dirt (plentiful) to outline where stone/brick/wood/etc will be placed as a planning tool.

    Here's a view of the 2nd floor shops, and 3rd floor residence in progress:

    And another view, alley-side. Residence will have vaulted ceilings, and 4th floor will begin above that level.

  7. Thanks! I'm also looking for donations of wood, stone, glass, and sand. Donors get a free week!

    I think I'll start at 100r a week. Each store will get a chest, craftbox, and furnace. If you want extra, just ask!

    I'll have to take bids on the residence once it is complete (it will be last).

    Hoping to have the shops complete in the next couple of days (so YOU can open for business!)
  8. You know, I hope this works.

    The biggest problem with a lot of single player run shops is that they are always out of stock unless they have competitive Sell prices (Which most don't).

    The answer is definitely a Player res with at least ten players running stores out of it, each specialising in something such as wood, cobble / stone, nether material, etcetcetc. Something they can replenish easily.

    With that, and rent to the owner, it's a win-win situation.

    You'd need to make sure everyone worked together so no-one was purposefully shafting the other. If you developed a harmonious environment then you've got a winner right there.

    Good luck!
  9. That's exactly what I was thinking.

    ie. a "wool" guy, a "wood" guy, a "food" guy, etc. If you have any advice on how to break it up, I'd love to hear it!
  10. Make sure you rent it out to the right people and make sure everyone talks and comes to a mutual agreement on who's doing what.

    It might not be realistic, but it's the only way to ensure you end up with somewhere worth coming to. I might even pop over to do my shopping there if it works out!
  11. First two shops are now up for rent!

    Construction will continue on the upper levels and underground, but the first floor shops are complete.

    If you'd like to rent, PM me with

    Time on EMC:

    And pick which sector you'd like to sell:

    1) Wool
    2) Wood
    3) Tools
    4) Food

    We'll start with these, and grow from there. Rent is 100r/week. Still taking donations of stone/glass/dyed wool, and I myself will be shopping.

    Location: SMP6 12117