Smp6 population decreased!!

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  1. Over the past few weeks,people have been leaving Smp6 and going to ohter servers or just quitting emc.It's acctually a very nice server.If you like peace,quiet and very few bannings,I think Smp6 is for you.I know all this because thats where you can find me if you want to meet me and chat.My residense numbers are 12982,and 13019.Please visit quiet little Smp6.I know you'll love it.:D

    (btw the reason I have 2 residenses is because I used to be a diamond supporter)
  2. This is happening with every other server other than smp1...No need to make a thread about it, like I did about smp3 yesterday...
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  3. Yea sorry I just felt like had to get the word out.I had no idea this was heppening to Smp3 as well.....:(
  4. Click 'reply' at the bottom right of my post, next to 'like' in the future :)
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  5. I just did.:cool:
    Come to Smp6 some time I'd like to meet ya.

    (of course not irl in minecraft;))
  6. Can't, sorry. Got a drink of tea and then it's Max's livestream xD Maybe tomorrow?
  7. hmmmmm........................ok actually come anytime! im almost always on!:D
  8. SMP1 FTW!!!
  9. I really think SMP6 is having a problem, but like SoulPunisher said, it's on everything but 1 (als 2).
  10. Smp-1 is da best. Jk.
    I love SMP-1 and live on it, but I value every server equally(EMC Servers)
  11. I think SMP6 has been the worst hit. Even utopia is more lively
  12. SMP6 has a few attractions coming up. Mega Toaster, Bookstore, and Finch_Rocks_1 parkour game that seems pretty, well different.
  13. I thought this was just happening with some servers, but hey, smp2 is a lively as ever.
  14. It seems like a lot of people have been packing up and moving around, often to SMP1. SMP2 is quite lively during the American day, not at all right now really.
  15. I remember when smp2/1 was ALLWAYS maxed out it was about 70/60? because of the supporters those were the good old days xD
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  16. Smp3 is fine in my view because I am on NZT
  17. SMP4 is fun Cause during the American Day The sever is packed Perfect to get some Customers and make Friends and at this time its a Perfect time to go hunting or preping everything for another day.