Smp6 Frontier Empire!

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  1. Hello everyone! I am making an empire in the wilderness if you want to come meet me at my residence on smp6 the address is 12666! we will be departing around the time empires exist or a bit before. so be ready by then I will continue with details of where it is at once we are ready to depart we will be naming it "The Flaming Hawk". This empire is about 17,000 blocks from spawn. but a little closer to the northern spawn. Updates will be shown below!
  2. Change of plans we are meeting from 11 PM to 11:30 PM.
  3. Is that eleven o' clock EMC time?
  4. yes that is 11 emc time. sorry for mis understanding, ill fix that.
  5. again allow me to reconsider, let us make this time either a at 12:00AM emc time or B some time tomorrow.
  6. shalomout help im stuck in a different server its the utopia one
  7. Early Midafternoon Bump!

    Still accepting people who want to come build it!
  8. I want to help!
  9. Ok! your in the team but we are changing the date to whenever empires come out or a little before.