SMP6- First Golfers Outpost

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by 1998golfer, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Hi guys! Today I am bringing you an SMP6 outpost, which I have named "First Golfer's Outpost" I noticed SMP6 doesn't get much action, so i decided it would be the optimal place for a wild outpost. I will PM you the coords to the outpost if I accept you. I will be playing as gearmaster08.

    If you would like to join please post your application as follows:

    Wild Experience?:
    What you would like to do:
    What for? (If yes on above):

    Built central house for temporary shelter.
    Farm Built

    Current Projects:
    Tree Farm
  2. Bump! :D Ive got the farm done.
  3. Ooh, will there be a golf course? ;)

    Username: pro_g4ngst4 or epic_g4ngst4
    Wild experience: I semi run the ye olde watchtower smp4 outpost, so I know some things about wild communities (trial and error :p)
    What you would like to do: if there isn't a golf course, I'll make that.
    Banned? no
  4. Your in, Pro.
    And havent had time to make the golf course yet... that will now be up to you! :p
  5. Anyone else?
  6. Bumpity Bump...