SMP6 - Excellent shop at 12102

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  1. I own a shop on SMP6 at adress 12102. Items available:
    Pine Logs
    Birch Logs
    Pine Saplings
    Birch Saplings
    Stone Pickaxes
    Stone Axes
    Stone Swords
    Stone Shovels
    Sugar Cane
    Mushroom Stew
    Wooden Planks
    Potions of Healing
    Sheep eggs
    Mooshroom Eggs
    Chicken Eggs

    Items Coming Soon:

    ALL items are in small quantities; no more than two or three. I do this simply to take care of the people who don't want to buy stacks of items at a time.

    Prices are negotiable on the following items when buying large quantities:
    Pine Saplings
    Birch Saplings
    Stone Pickaxes
    Stone Hoes
    All other prices are non-negotiable.
    Please note that negotiability only applies when (a) you are buying more than 20 of one item and (b) I am online to haggle with you.

    Items are restocked often - if an item is out of stock, check back an hour or so later. It will probably be restocked.

    Remember, the address is 12102!
  2. I would like to know the prices if u could tell me them for the most bought items
  3. Price list:
    Pine Logs - 2r per log
    Birch Logs - 2r per log
    Pine Saplings - 5r per sapling
    Birch Saplings - 5r per sapling
    Fences - 6r per two fences
    Stone Pickaxes - 5r per pickaxe
    Stone Hoes - 5r per hoe
    Sugar Cane - 1r per two canes
    Bread - 3r per loaf
    Mushroom Stew - 10r per bowl

    Price lists of additional items will be posted as necessary.
  4. Is should really change the prices on my shop now that I've seen this! My shop was really overpriced! I was selling stone swords for 25r and stone pickaxes for 20r!
  5. Yep, that is way too high of a price. On the other hand, I have some of the cheapest tool prices on SMP6, so you might be OK to leave the price a little higher. The thing is, I have access to an infinite source of cobblestone and a large tree farm, so I can sell those tools at that price.
  6. The shop is now moving to a new, larger building!
    I have more items ready to sell now, but I just don't have the space for all of them in the old building. The new building will be bigger and better, complete with aisles, displays, and new items!
  7. gave you 2 obsidian and bought a stone pick as a thanks for helping me with my store
    Red Wool (large quantity)
    Green Wool (large quantity)
    Cactus (large quantity)
    Lava Bucket (one)
    Piston (one, sticky or non-sticky)
    Redstone (large quantity)
    Please let me know if you have any of the above items at bargain prices!
  9. Thanks dude.
  10. Raw chicken will soon be available, as long as you guys purhcase enough items so that I can get enough money for three chickens. BUY MORE STUFF! lol
  11. Cooked chicken and charcoal will also be available once the larger store is built.
  12. The larger building is almost complete! I hope all you guys like it. It will be a period of time before all the items are moved in.
  13. Stone tools are now available!
  14. I'd like to thank whatever person donated all that cactus. I now have a cactus farm, and cactus will soon be in stock!
  15. The new building is complete and open! There has been minor fire damage in the Northwestern corner, so there are a few scabbed in blocks of dirt there, however it is finished!
    Obsidian, cactus, and a few other new items are in stock!
  16. Remember to come and check out the giant flaming sign!
  17. Chicken and mooshroom eggs are now available at 40 and 60r each, respectively.
  18. I would change the price of wood to 16 for 10rps.
  19. Yeah, it's a little expensive as of now, but I need to replenish my stock soon. And I'll probably do 8 for 5-6r once supply is flowing again.
  20. not to be mean or anything but i sell all of my spawn egg (in stock) for 10-15r each