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  1. 12309 is a brand new market on smp6!
    Conveniently located across the way from the Empire Community Church
    Visit lot 12309 for virtually anything you could ever want!

    We also advertise your shop or res! Come visit us for pricing information!
  2. So maybe i'll go convert then walk over to buy some stuff >.<
  3. Well, you'd gain the best thing in the world by converting, but it should probably be in real life =)
  4. However, the shop is there. So all the old ladies after church can come grab their loaves of bread! Yeah! Or something to that effect.
  5. Lol, already Christian so maybe i should come get some bread.
  6. Amen, brother. It's good to be in the family of God. Check us out, though!
  7. Yeah idk bout god, i like gold tho xD
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  8. i see this thread turning into a religions debate so lets talk about the shop, do u have glow stone?
  9. Erm... I am assassin :rolleyes:
    Assassin Creed XD
  10. Glowstone out of stock. I just bought the last piece :D
  11. darn how much was a piece
  12. 15r :D
  13. darn thats a pretty good price