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  1. I have long pondered the idea of making a community creations residence. I have decided to. On smp6 at 12745, I have given EVERYONE build and use perms. I do understand this means everyone can build on my residence. I am aiming this towards people building cool things that they want to but just don't have the space for on their res. I will be giving prizes out to what I think are the coolest creations of all at the end of the week. There will be a week of no contest for people to take down there creations in between contest weeks. When you start your creation, make a sign with your name, your server, and your creation name. ANYONE is allowed to participate in this. There are a few rules which are on signs on the residence, but I will state them here too.
    Rule #1: Absolutely NO greifing or you will be banned from the residence permanently and you will be kicked out of the event.
    Rule #2: No inappropriate creations. This will also result in you getting banned from the residence permanently, being kicked out of the event, and reported to a moderator.
    Rule #3: Have fun and make some awesome stuff!

    I am open to suggestions about this event. Prizes are as follows (and are subject to change based on donations I receive from our wonderful EMC community):
    1st place: 1000r and 3 diamonds
    2nd place: 500r and 2 diamonds
    3rd place: 250r and 1 diamond

    First week done! Winners:
    1st place: BlackHawk649. Creation- Police Chopper. Smp6
    2nd place: Derpface352. Creation- mini castle. Smp6
    3rd place: Creeper_freak. Creation- Castle. Smp6

    Next contest will start on Monday the 27th.
  2. The sign should look like this:
    EMC Thread Post
  3. I am putting a 1 high wall of blue wool around each creation when the person finishes building, with signs saying that the area inside the blue wool is off-limits to anyone but the creator or anyone the creator lets onto his creation
  4. I wouldn't give build and use perms to everyone, they should have to register first or else you will have problems with griefing. Other than that, I'm from SMP6 and I think that it's a good idea.
  5. Ok, I can see how that might be a problem. People are already building, but I will start making a list for registration. Thanks for the feedback.
  6. So, to enter, please post a message on this thread, and if you can, pm me in-game and I will give you build permissions on my residence. This will prevent griefing and I will know exactly who enters.