SMP6 - BoxmanVince's public Iron Farm.

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  1. A public Iron farm.. Don't think I've gotten all the kinks worked out of it yet because villagers seem to glitch out of their holding cell, but it seems to work fine so far. Feel free to re add villagers or upgrade this if you feel the need.
    Yes it has very slow production, this isn't meant for extreme payout. It's simply a way for players to get free iron. Don't expect to build a castle using it within a week.

    From tests I get about 40 Iron in 30-45 min so it isn't half bad.

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    Album Page:,G9GbfGA,MbyOKnE

    Falling down Shot:

    Pathway Shot:

    Villagers that have fallen from the farm...
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  2. Very nice of you to make a community iron farm ^_^ i like this
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