smp6 - 13131 - selling diamonds for 38r and survival stuff

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  1. I have just recently opened a store up for people to come and get survival supplies mostly and is broken up into 4 categories
    1. Mining Item's and Equipment
    2. Food and Health
    3. Weaponry and Armoury
    4. basic blocks

    They aren't all about survival but them together can help. The main thing that I'm advertising though are the diamonds and so you can make diamond armour, tools etc, I sell them cheap. Hope you come by and I'm on [SMP 6] on lot number [13131].

    Screen Shot 2012-07-09 at 2.21.10 PM.png
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  2. Come Sell to my store!! At SMP8 with that price!! (Res 16803)
  3. Do you have a limit? I can get them to you by tomorrow, set up a chest with the sell price and they will be there.
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  4. Nope LOL!! I think 5 stacks is my limit :p

    Yeah I already buy for that price!

    Also How much are you going to sell me??
  5. i have restocked your shop with 2 stacks of diamonds

    if you need any more, yell out
  6. Alright Sweet!! I would mind more now or down the track anyways!!!