SMP6 -13095-Starting an enchanted items shop!

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  1. Anyway, I reset my res again to have a clean workspace and decided to build an enchant shop. I'm not sure the exact prices for items but I believe mine are pretty cheap.

    Item list:
    (As of posting this)

    Diamond pick:
    Silk touch I
    Efficency II
    Unbreaking II
    x12 - 700r each

    Iron Sword:
    Fire aspect I
    Sharpness II
    x7 - 170r each

    Diamond chesplate:
    Thorns I
    Projectile Protection III
    x5 - 700r each

    Diamond pick:
    Unbreaking III
    x7 - 500r each

    Iron chestplate:
    Fire protection II
    x7 - 250r each

    Anyway, If you're in town feel free to stop by.
  2. Any chance you have diamond shovels with Efficiency and Unbreaking II or III? I'm assuming that what you posted is what you have on hand, but I figure you are open to requests since you said you are opening a Shop.
  3. Sorry, I enchant items using villagers. Just for clarification this is what they can enchant:


    Iron or diamond (I prefer to stock diamond, the cost to enchant is the same and diamond lasts longer)

    Also I can only get low-medium enchants. Anything IV is extremely rare, and I have yet to see a V enchant. However, fortune and silk touch enchants are quite possible. (Also I prefer to stock medium enchants, due to getting a better enchant for the emerald cost)
  4. Also just added a few new things to the shop.
    Diamond axe:
    Unbreaking II
    Efficency III
    x7 - 350 each

    Diamond pick:
    Unbreaking II
    Efficency II
    Fortune I
    x6 - 450 each
  5. *diamond axe is actually Fortune II, Efficency III, sorry for misposting that.
  6. there is an edit button :p
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