smp6 - 12310 - New Shop with some items

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  1. As of right now the shop has Signs, Clay Balls, Wooden Planks, Oak Saplings, Cobblestone, Dirt, Wooden Doors, Red Dye, Glass, Stone Swords, Gravel, Sand, Sandstone, Cactus, Yellow Dye, Coal, and Flint.
  2. How much are you selling glass for?
  3. New Glass price lowered from 35 to 25
  4. Out of Stock on Clay Balls
  5. Clay Balls have been restocked
  6. New Items! Sugar Cane, Sugar, Sticks, and Melon. Also stocked up current items. :D
  7. New Items!! Wheat, Melon Block, Books, and Bread
  8. How much are the clay balls?
  9. 7 for 25 rupees
  10. Ok I might stop by
  11. 25r for 1 glass!!
  12. I sell for 2r
  13. the sign says 4 glass for 25r not 1
  14. Oh sorry my mistake
  15. So how much is the glass?
  16. 4 for 25r I think