Smp6-12093- Brand new hotel

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  1. I have opened a new hotel at 12093
    Info: I currently only have 3 rooms one luxury two basic however I am expanding soon
    Prices: basic rooms are 50 rupees whereas the 2nd floor luxury room is 200
    Rooms: the basic rooms are very small and contain one chest, furnace, workbench and bed
    The 2nd floor room has 2 double chests, 3 furnaces a double bed and a garden balcony thingy this room is much bigger
    How to get a room: contact me I will then tell you the available rooms if your happy pay and I will set up access signs and any other extras
    Looking around: all doors are open unless that room is bought so you can always look at the rooms you can buy
    Deals: any deals will be posted on this thread and you can ask me if you want a special deal ( this DOES NOT mean I am poor give me a discount it is more can you make a special room I will pay this much for it )