SMP5 wild spleef arena

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  1. Hello, I would like to share my spleef arena, located about 50 blocks East of protected spawn
    on smp5, here's a few screenshots of it, just to get you a look-around

    2012-07-23_06.19.45.png 2012-07-23_06.19.29.png 2012-07-23_04.47.03.png

    There ARE prizes, i'm just letting you know that this is mainly for fun but each time you win, you receive 1 diamond (which can add up when you spleef a lot)

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  2. to add-on I mainly built this for those people AFKing at the mob arena waiting around, with nothing to do
  3. nobody has replied, bumbety bump
  4. Hahhahah. Wanted to go, but...
  5. It'll be fixed once a mod see's it
  6. fixed!