[SMP5] Vault-Tec Community

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  1. Welcome to the Vault-Tec Community of SMP5!

    Our community will start off small but will expand as we get more people!
    Our mission is to provide a safe community within the SMP5 Wild with structures based off of buildings from both Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.

    Structures (In Order They Will Be Built):
    Super-Duper Mart
    Vault 101
    Hidden Valley Bunker
    More to Come!

    All of our Structures will be in a radius of each other and will offer food, water, shelter, and defense to all who join it! As we expand we will add more pictures and information about how we manage and our community in general. Right now our registration is open, just say below that you wish to join. You will be added to the group conversation in which we will decide when we go
    out to build and start building the Super-Duper Mart! Idea was originally proposed by trent948 and added on to by fluffinator09 and Hijaxk.

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  2. Is this an outpost kinda thing? Cause... I'll join if its not far out
  3. Well an outpost community so yes. It will be decided when we have a few more members :).
  4. Fluffinator, you forgot to mention one thing, the fact that this was my idea :p
  5. Uhhhh whoops. Also BUMP only every three hours. :)
  6. Yeaaaaa Budddddah! I'm ready
  7. I want to Build the Hoover Dam if we make one.
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  8. We are not ready yet hijaxk