smp5 > smp1-4 ?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by JustinGuy, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Hey I have a question for anyone that has spent a good amount of time on both smp5 and any other smp server. What I want to know is how is the performance when compared (lag / time to load chunks after teleport / live map speed)? smp5 is our first setup on a different hardware configuration than 1-4 and according to my technical stats it runs a lot better, however I just wanted to see how the actual game play is.
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  2. I've noticed on SMP1 - 4 that the sun / moon will occasionally "roll back" making for longer days / nights, as well as making grass spread slower / plants grow slower.

    This is not the case on SMP5, however, and that is because it is 14 times more legit.
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  3. I absolutely love smp5's performance; When mining a dirt tower directly down on 1-4 a block would occasionally lag back and knock you off the tower, this can at times be exceptionally annoying. However on smp5 this hardly happens.

    If you were thinking of moving the other servers onto the newer hardware, I would say it is certainly something to strongly consider :)

    So yes, your technical stats follow up with what I am experiencing in actual game play :)
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