SMP5: Simple Ocelot Shop

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  1. I have Ocelots for sale at 10012 (Stormmie) for only 160r each.

    *PLEASE* be careful when taming your cats!

    1. Make a safe room
    2. Release your ocelot egg (you will spawn a baby Ocelot)
    NOTE: Baby Ocelots DESPAWN (disappear) if left alone. You need to tame it.
    3. Hold a RAW fish and STAND STILL. If you move around, you will scare the Ocelot
    4. When the Ocelot approaches you, feed it fish until it is tamed (turns into a kitten)

    Enjoy your new pet :)

    Note: sometimes it can take quite a few fish to tame it. 1-4 fish is normal.
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  2. Why do ocelots always have to be SOOO expensive??
  3. Cause Jeremy hasn't gotten around to updating the shop yet, while the update was like 3 days ago?
  4. Restocked now!

    Thanks for looking :)
  5. <content deleted by staff>

    Do not post your own shop ads or prices in someone else's shop ad. Thank you.
  6. I don't know, I guess it's supply and demand. I started out with them at 150, but people were just buying all my eggs and selling them in their shops. I managed to meet the demand at 200, but am trying the lower price of 160 now.
  7. sorry i did not know about that
  8. I have seen people selling them and running out of stock with a 400-500r price :)
  9. Well within minutes of lowering the price to 160, someone came along and bought them all again, which is good for business, but I'm trying to run a stocked shop. So I'm afraid I've put it back up to 200. The new baby eggification should help lower the prices, I'll try a lower price again tomorrow.
  10. Lower price installed. Back to 160 again
  11. OK, 160 is currently working well. I expect it will come down a good bit over the next week, and will update with the new price as I change it.
  12. its been almost a week and a half. seriously. They are finally here but the only 1.2 item in the Empire Shop so far. Ocelots are less all the rage now because of the impossibility of taming them
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  13. i have a question, what is the point of ocelots???
  14. The problem with ocelots is that they are quite buggy and despawn like mad. You need a very safe spot to breed and keep them. That's what keeps the prices high compared to villagers and wolves I guess.
  15. They r Soooooo hard to tame