SMP5 Rare Biomes Project (RBP)?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by NZScruffy, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. Hi all. I'll try to keep this brief:

    The new 1.7.2 Wastelands is about to be released, and with it comes new Blocks. Some of these can only be found in new rare 1.7.2 Biomes. and cannot be crafted. Hence ONLY found in those rare Biomes.

    Packed Ice

    I want to be part of an organised expedition to locate, and farm these new Biomes for their very cool rare blocks. (As I am fairly new to EMC, I do not have a tight group of Adventurer friends yet)

    My plan is basically to scour the livemap, and physically explore the waste to find these Biomes as soon as possible. Then set up a very quick make shift base, secure from mob invasion. There will be food and lodgings available to any who venture out. As this is the waste, there is no grief prevention, and you cannot claim the area for yourself. So there is no point trying to restrict it.

    If the area is large enough, a Nether transport system can be quickly setup to get to and from the area, and transport the large quantities of Blocks mined.

    To be part of this, you must prepare your own gear and contribute towards the expedition in some way. (If we build rails, maybe contribute gold, etc).

    I have prepared myself, and in fact could finance the whole thing myself also, but having 2+ people along makes the whole process safer and more profitable.

    Skilled, motivated, adventurers only need apply. :) I won't have time or energy to babysit, or 'guide' people. Maybe later once things are setup.

    So, who's interested?
  2. OH.. as for gear to bring:

    - Your enderchest with emergency supplies
    - Silk touch Pick (for the packed ice)
    - Silk touch shovel (for the podzol)
  3. You forgot Red sand - mesa :)
  4. Right, red sand, though i'm not sure it's significant as a useful block. :) but yes. we'll be locating Mesa's for the clay anyway.