SMP5 Public Wool Farm

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  1. SMP5 -- 10023 - Public Wool Farm

    Introducing SMP5's Public Wool Farm. Feel free to use this farm anytime. You may keep the wool you shear, or sell it to the conveniently located shops. For anyone needing a job, you can come shear sheep anytime and earn around 400r/10 mins.

    /v 10023
    /v +wool

    A few details about the farm:
    • Public Flags: Shearing, Use
    • 1 Residence with 100 sheep of all colors (approximately 6-8 of each color)
    • 2 levels of sheep pens (1 underground)
    • Shop prices: 1.5r per wool, all colors (buy and sell same price).
    • Tested to output of 290 wool per 10 mins (maybe more).
    • Ability to earn 2500r an hour selling to the shops.
    • To get there just enter: /v +wool - or /v 10023

    Please leave comments below, or PM me. Any comments suggestions for improvement.Thanks :p

    Question: Would you rather the sheep separated into 4 pens as is, or just all together in one for easy shearing?