SMP5 outpost teleports gone

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  1. The outpost teleports outside the smp5 main wilderness spawn are not there, is this a glitch?
  2. I will check now and then edit this post... and change the color to green
    EDIT: They are still there... but not visible...
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  3. Why does SMP5 get a Bioshock reference? No fair!
    You can still use the outpost teleporters.

  4. Yep, the Multiverse areas are still there, although extremely impractical to use. Looks like a fire to me.

    Magical Commands of Teleporting to Outposts - a great temp. "fix"
    /res tp Spawn_Wilderness_North
    /res tp Spawn_Wilderness_South
    /res tp Spawn_Wilderness_East
    /res tp Spawn_Wilderness_West
  5. Maybe struck by lightning in a storm?
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