[SMP5] New Mega Mall HUB Now Available

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by xXvexenXx, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Greetings SMP5 Patrons and Shop Owners!

    I have created a Mega Mall HUB Temple that I would like to offer to those mega mall owners on SMP5 that want a portal to their establishment. How many times does someone say, "Are there any Mega Malls on SMP5?"

    Well now there is an easy answer, "Go to res # 11036". There are enough portals to support all of the major malls on the server and who knows, perhaps this could be a standard for all servers? >:)

    SMP5 Mall Owners - Message me with your mall number and I will set you up a portal within my temple.

    Thank you.

    - Vexen (xXvexenXx)
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  2. Well I can let you know a few of the names of a few of the mall owners-
    MVPdrose (not done)

    Well those are the only ones I actually know of :p
  3. All 3 added. :)
  4. My huge enchanted book shop, 10013 (move is off ATM, on vacation don't want tier to behind on restocking)
  5. Added Korg and Marg's joint venture ;)
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  6. Specialty Shops have a section. I will add yours.
  7. Added.. Tagged as closed for now.
  8. I think 10016 sells some items aswell as enchanted books :)
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  9. Origami?
  10. Yup:)
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  11. I would classify Origami as Enchanted FOR NOW. He is growing, but ATM he only have blaze rods, quartz and gunpowder that is non-enchantment related
  12. Added OrigamiJoe tot he Specialty Shops side for now.. Thanks
  13. Added darkwolfhunter18's mall to temple..
  14. Dose it count if I buy diamonds at 10002? :p
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  15. Added to the Specialty side :) Nice price on buying diamonds :)