smp5 lagging

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  1. There is a pretty bad lag on the SMP5 server, people are asking for a server reset. Is it possible that an admin or owner could please reset the server. The lag is pretty bad it took about 5 minuets for me to buy just one bone and destroy one block. Other people are also experiencing the lag so it's not just me.
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  2. This is almost pointless.
  3. My usual post: When having problems, try to wait 10-15 minutes. The servers notify me when they are having problems and I usually respond by then. If you are super impatient (like I am haha) then try another server while waiting :)
  4. almost... it's lagging pretty bad I just posted this because others wanted the reset so >_>
  5. okay, that's pretty cool actually i didn't know it sent you notifications, thanks justinguy. I'm not really THAT impatient xD
  6. Haha its all good, I actually get notification if any server falls bellow 10 ticks per second, among other alerts :)
  7. What alerts do you get?
  8. On another note, what are you gonna do with the last server?
  9. Wait server reset does that mean everything gets reset
  10. Nope it would just be a reboot. It's basically the same thing as restarting your computer.
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  11. Smp5 is runnin like Diesel engine now, lol
  12. I can't tell if you mean that as a good thing or a bad thing. :p
  13. Haha same thing I thought
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  14. Lol I guess in some ways a diesel engine sounds bad but live in a rural farming area in Texas. Soo it's running like Ford F550 truck which is a good thing haha