Smp5 is awesome

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  1. I think smp5 is awesome because there are so many dungeons ive found 17 and i wanna know how many all you have found?
  2. You talking spawners or Dungeons? I think there is only one dungeon in each world.
  3. LoL it's a similar thing. spawner is in a dungeon. And the isnt just 1 in each world :)
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  4. Dungeons and theres alot in one world accept smp5 has alot close to spawn
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  5. In the days before official release there were limited dungeons/strongholds in the wild.
    Prerelease 1.9.2/1.9.3 - I believe dungeons/strongholds were introduced, limited to 3 per world
    Prerelease 1.9.4 - Dungeons/strongholds were still limited to 3 per world, but 1x1 glass towers reaching to the sky
    Prerelease 1.9.5 - Glass spires removed from world, dungeons/strongholds become unlimited.
    I believe these are correct, i may be out with the version numbers though, i apoligize if this is so. :)
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  6. Oh no, no apologies needed. I really don't know how many there are in a normal minecraft seed but was going on comments made on some youtube videos. ;)
  7. With The new release of EMC Smp5 Have fun finding new discoveries, many are awaiting!;)
  8. That's nice ;) I wish I was a great hunter like you. However I only find dungeons if I hear mobs make noises and try to dig down slowly and try not to fall into lava XD