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  1. You guys know of mrswishes shop, i had never seen it but if i had im sure i wouldve loved it. Unfortunatltly it has been closed for restocking (for a while) so untill it opens back up, i have a new shop if my own up.

    I think i have decent prices but offers are accepted. Currently the fastest horse i sell is 132, but you can pm me on the forums/in game if you want a 133 (not 134s though, i breed with those)

    For jumps, i sell 105 highest, however its rarely in stock. If you want a 105 non brown, pm me bit i most likely wont have one.

    I sell 31 and 30 health horses, but currently 32s are not in stock, ill edit when i have some stock.

    I also sell horse gear, this means saddles horse armor, and soon sugar,leads, and nametags.

    I sell donkeys ranging from speed 120-126. Offers accepted.

    Note* i will edit the thread when i get horses i isually dont sell in stock, and bump it when i get more stock in horses i already sell.

    Thanks for reading this, and i hope you jave fun with your horses!
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  2. Awesome :D I still a nub at horses and Ill always be. You will be the person Ill contact for Horses :)
  3. Yay
  4. Bump, only 1 132 left in stock will try to restock.
  5. Another bump. Jump horses have high stock.. i also have jump horses woth 30 health.. pm offers, best is a 92 spd 102 jump 30 health (gr8 w0w)
  6. Bump, couple more 130s in stock
  7. Selling a 135? :--))))
  8. I wish i even had one, atm highest is 132, if you give q good enough offer maybe a 134 or 133
  9. In the future i may start selling them though, ill send you a pm if i get one ;)
  10. Yas thanks !
  11. I found a grey 130 horse in the wild, also has some decent jump and health, go get ot before its gone!
  13. Ill be on in an hour or so
  14. Bump. 130s in high stock prices will be lowered on friday or tomorrow
  15. Prices lowered and bump