[SMP5] Hitman Industries Tower

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  1. Some pictures of my recent build up on SMP5 res 10018.

    Topside: 3 main levels, 2 observation areas, and redstone lighting.
    The Vault: All my storage, Forge with 100 furnace super cooker, Armory, Brewing/enchantment room.
    Redstone Lab: Displays of Redstone creations and circuits(Not all up yet), Piston Elevator to Vault.
    Bio Lab: 3 main rooms, Agronomy Lab(Farm), Dendrology Lab(Trees), and Husbandry Lab(Animals).
    Mech Lab: Where I will build all of my Generators, Currently only have an obsidian gen up and running.
    Sub Basement 5 Level, Not dug out yet and not sure what's going down there.

    2013-07-09_10.23.48.png 2013-07-09_10.24.04.png 2013-07-09_10.24.11.png 2013-07-09_10.24.28.png 2013-07-09_10.24.39.png 2013-07-09_10.24.57.png 2013-07-09_10.25.08.png 2013-07-09_10.25.26.png 2013-07-09_10.25.38.png 2013-07-09_10.26.00.png 2013-07-09_10.26.03.png 2013-07-09_10.26.11.png 2013-07-09_10.26.18.png 2013-07-09_10.26.21.png 2013-07-09_10.27.02.png 2013-07-09_10.27.25.png 2013-07-09_10.27.32.png 2013-07-09_10.27.41.png 2013-07-09_10.29.10.png 2013-07-09_10.29.14.png
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  2. And the rest of the pictures

    2013-07-09_10.29.21.png 2013-07-09_10.29.31.png 2013-07-09_10.29.52.png 2013-07-09_10.30.09.png 2013-07-09_10.30.38.png 2013-07-09_10.30.48.png 2013-07-09_10.31.01.png 2013-07-09_10.31.12.png 2013-07-09_10.31.47.png 2013-07-09_10.32.13.png 2013-07-09_10.32.48.png 2013-07-09_10.32.59.png 2013-07-09_10.33.25.png 2013-07-09_10.35.08.png