SMP5 Ghast Fireball weirdness?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by kilmannan, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. In any other SMP, I can bat Ghast Fireballs back like there's no tomorrow.

    On SMP5, even when it looks like I've hit it, it still explodes in my face.

    Anyone else getting this or is this just the server settling in and lag causing some issues?
  2. It may actually be the opposite, smp5 has less server lag than the other SMP's as it is on better hardware and is less popular. All the servers run the exact same code and the exact same settings. Regardless I will look into this to see if anything is amiss :)
  3. I seem to have the problem also kilmannan
  4. Well maybe the other servers had just enough lag to make hitting them back feasible, and now on SMP5, because there' so little lag, it's actually as hard to hit them as it should be?
  5. Lol thats prolly true the flight path seems smoother
  6. Yep. Normally I'll see three-stage movement. On 5, it's just straight at ya, no glitching or lagging.

    How annoying. :D

    Plus, I seem to have found a hive of the buggers. It was like Battlefield 3 for a moment as fireballs were exploding all around me!
  7. Haha never would I have though I would see people talking like "crap this server doesn't lag enough" :p
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  8. Well its cause you get adjusted to playing with a certain level of lag.So when that changes it can throw you off balance.
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  9. is that coz you arent meant to swear?