SMP5 Generator Construction Services (G.C.S) Now with Smooth Stone! (SMP5 Only)

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  1. Hello Everyone!
    Photo here ready to build you a generator.
    G.C.S, or Generator Construction Services, will build a generator for you. Here's a list of our products:
    The first column is price that you provide lava, second is that we provide it.
    • Cobblestone Generator (Simple) 5r 10r
    • Cobblestone Generator (Advanced) 15r 25r
    • Smooth Stone Generator (Simple) 7r 16r
    • Obsidian Generator (Advanced) 70r 80r
    If any of these appeal to you, contact me through a P.M. or catch me on the server. (SMP5)
    Please specify your IGN, a time I can contact you, and when I should start building.
    Thank you for your business!
    ~Photo, G.C.S. Owner

  2. We have now gone GLOBAL!
    I can come to any server now!
    The only con is that you must pay an extra 10r for any server other than SMP5.
    Otherwise, we'd love to visit you!