[SMP5] Directory

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  1. to be expanded
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  2. Thanks for starting the thread ^_^ I'll add this as a link to your directory listing ^_^v
  3. I'll use +directory btw
  4. Hey bud ^_^ I know you said you had to cut back on playing EMC, and haven't seen you on in awhile. (miss ya btw ^^ )
    Did anyone volunteer to help/take over the directory on smp5?
  5. It is gone
  6. I made a new one when i saw this lol

    Wbat shops were on it for me to add to mine?
  7. To late Charlie. The Ex of Exes beat you to it.

    Hi fBuildrS, long time.

    I'm so tired, I don't know I'm typing on this thread..... lol