SMP5 Crashing

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  1. So it seems every week or every few days SMP5 crashes. I'm not always on but it's crashed two or three times that I've been on lately and then I've been in mumble with others who have said it crashed. I was just on and got java error and now it says Unable to Reach server. We can't login to any other servers, it says we're already logged into one.
  2. ya I hate it when that happens it take around 20 min's to get back up
  3. I asked a mod to kick me from the server :I
  4. It's back up!
  5. Round 2 DINGDINGDING!

    It just went back down lol.
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  6. Well, i'm done for the night :3
  7. We are currently working on the problem why it's crashing. :)
  8. Aikar is currently working on the issue. I woke him up after I restarted the server, and it crashed again.

    *Edit, he has hopefully fixed the issue - He's gone back to sleep. Please let me know if it has issues again (via mumble, pm, or otherwise).
  9. Dwight, Dwight, Dwight! It's so simple!

    Aikar The server is being difficult

    EDIT: just read Max's post.... :3

  10. Coolies :) Just didn't know if anyone had said anything. It seems to happen every few days/at least once a week. It crashed during both mob arenas during the week.
  11. No, it's not Aikar causing it so please refrain from blaming him all the time.
  12. Did you SERIOUSLY wake him up from sleep for MC?

    I'm just kidding. He IS the one that people say ruins the economy (Even though that is a joke as well)
  13. Yup. JustinGuy and Aikar are usually woken up to fix the server when it crashes. They know what to do.
  14. Oh now we just have to wait then :p, okies.
  15. That's serious detication .-.
    by the way, nice signature! XD
  16. It was possibly the "new" (not very, also does nothing very noticeable) test plugin, and hopefully not something entirely different. The plugin was removed for the time being, until proper testing can be done on it (I can't say more than that about it).
    Yes, I did. It's rare when I do, but if a server is constantly crashing, it's obviously a very major issue that can't be solved by simply restarting it constantly. He works mon/fri, so I do not have any problems waking him up on the weekends. :p
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  17. Does he grumble alot? xD