smp5, awesome south outpost

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by JustinGuy, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. So I was setting up the smp5 server, and the south outpost location (10,000 blocks south) generated awesome. Check it out:

    And for some reason this strange random wall generated. As ISMOOCH said, it looks like it fell from the sky:
    You can also see it on the right of this one:

    By the way that is ISMOOCH standing in the photo lol. Sorry for the links, they were too big to add to the thread and I am too tired to resize...
  2. Awesome! Haha in the first photo for the wall, it looks like its about to fall on ISMOOCH!
  3. Haha yeah that one turned out awesome
  4. Woah, that is epic Justin!!

    *edit* justin you dont have to resize, click the insert edit image button, and paste the link to the image :)

    Unless you are super epic and have a massive monitor :p
  5. We finally have proof

    Justin uses fly mods.
  6. I set the self timer on the camera and then threw it up in the air ;)
  7. Just because you are an admin right? You get access to that awesome feature, throwing self timer cameras ;)
  8. Can u summon another herobrine please :)
    I want a twin XD
  9. god dang ISMOOCH always photobombing.
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  10. Nah. He is SuperAdmin. :p
    /p JustinGuy
  11. Last time I checked, super admin is still a form of admin :p

  12. except he can deflect bullets and such.... because thats practical in minecraft.
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  13. Of course, he can do anything he wants :p There is probably a million commands no one knows except him :p
  14. /matrixmove .... that would be awesome. again... because bullets frequent the minecraft scenario...

    i have been up for 2 and half days.. and i feel like it is starting to show.
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  15. Yea, you have a knack for doing that :p *Maybe you photobomb, then proceed to see if you can see it on satellite :p*

    Oh its showing :p

    also /invis... oh wait thats some glitch, not a command ae Jeremy? ;) ;) ;)
  16. The server is still whirelisted right?
  17. And i also know an awesome command that all admins have access to wich solves a lot of problems and its good to let off some stress
  18. Its whitelisted, never heard of whirelisted.... :p
    Uhhh, that command is not used to let off stress... Its used to serve justice to those trying to ruin EMC :)

    *Edit* Moderators have access to that command too, not just admins :p
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  19. /massrecall

    Teleport everyone to Justin xD
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