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Does this idea seem wonderful to have on SMP5?

Yes, I think its a wonderful idea! Full steam ahead! 23 vote(s) 92.0%
No, I do not think this is a wonderful idea! (Post below why) 2 vote(s) 8.0%
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  1. We all know SMP1, SMP2, and SMP3 have an attraction center which is the EMC park, graveyard (where thy bad souls came to rest as they try to bring thy empire down), and the amusement park. I live in SMP5 I think it should have one also.

    Since SMP5 is the first EMC server that had the new server hardware I think there should be a attraction center that's called Redstone Convention Center. The place will display every types of clocks, machines, switches, and contraptions that does cool things. This will attract allot of people who does redstone or needs to learn redstone.

    How did this idea came up? Well that's a very good question me, myself, and I. This idea came up because redstone is typically circuits and sort of related to electricity. So since SMP5 runs on new hardware I think we should show that SMP5 was the first upgraded EMC server.

    If this idea is approved and liked by the community I hope the staff members would also like it. No donation would be needed since this would probably be created by the senior staff and they would probably enter creative mode. If you like this idea please vote in the poll above.
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  2. We need more likes! Come on community!
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  3. i believe that it should be on smp5 too because since we are on better hardware, the machines will work better and faster!
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  4. That is very true but remember that the other servers have it too! (but we were first.) We are special (smp5):)
  5. All smp5 people come like the top page and we might get a special attraction to our beloved server (people who are not from smp5 can still vote and we need your vote too!)
  6. 5 Likes? Last time I recalled SMP5 has 60 slots!
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  7. Come on! We can do this!
  8. ...
    Hate to rain on your parade, but I think smp7 already has one in progress.
  9. It doesn't look like it from the live map :)
  10. Hmm... last time I checked there was a giant obsidian block thing. Justin's little pet project.
  11. oh i noticed that obsidian block but i was so confused as to what could possibly be inside it!
  12. Yes, have you tried climbing up using a dirt tower?
  13. No, is that even possible? (what with perms and all.)
  14. just click on the area on the live map, it says what it will be, and you can see it already if you are in flat mode. its gonna be Justin's Palace
  15. -_- I knew that. You spoiled it for the investigative children! :p
  16. spoil shmoil, they can still figure a way to get a better look in game, like saaay, asking one of the neighbers permission to dirt tower above it to look inside
  17. But that would ruin the view of the tower!
  18. When is smp4 getting something cool?
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  19. i could help with all the redstone contraptions in the new "attraction place"
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